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Tailor-made, detailed evaluation of food and flavour ingredients with special sensory properties and nutritional benefits supporting the product development.
Sensory evaluation of food ingredients 2018
Supporting the food and chemical industries by recruiting several C-level candidates in European companies.
Recruiting of professionals 2019
Organisational restructuring, lean management and product portfolio adjustment led to a turn- around in the chemical industry within 9 months assuring continuous supply of products to international customers.
Turn Around in the Chemical Industry 2006
Facilitation, coaching and restructuring project in various European countries including counseling and consulting to consolidate production capacities and reduce number of sites along with workforce alignment.
Restructuring of a EU HR-Lead in the food ingredient industry  2015/2016 
Merger of two R&D groups in the fragrance ingredient industry with overall 45 employees including analytical services, product design, application, encapsulation and sensory evaluation led to an effective research organisation.
Merger of Research and Development groups 2003
A market study on nutritional / pharmaceutical ingredients helped to better understand the competitive landscape as well to identify future business segments and potential customers.
Market study on nutritional / pharmaceutical ingredients 2017
Identification, evaluation and training of a distributor for pharmaceutical ingredients led to a significant increase in revenue and profit in Eastern European countries.
Set up of a distributor for pharmaceutical ingredients 2015/2016 
Merging and restructuring of Scandinavian sales offices for food & beverage ingredients company lead to an efficient and more cost effective organisation allowing to improve customer focus.
Merger of sales offices in the food ingredient industry 2012 
Conceptual design and implementation of a HR performance management linked to the company's values in order to recognize, reward and foster a high performance culture with corresponding short-, mid- and longterm career progression.
Implementation of a global HR performance management 2015
Reengineering of the internal recruiting for leadership positions to ensure an objective and best matching selection between company requirements and candidate's individual potentials for a scientific company.
Process reoganization of staffing leadership positions  2012 
Supporting an unique beverage project using innovative  ingredients through services ranging from raw material sourcing, packaging design, product development, and the identification of industry partners for the upcoming launch.
Support of a Start-Up in the beverage industry 2017
Sourcing of multiple tons of special ingredients for the food industry securing the supply chain for food products sold in Europe.
Raw material sourcing in the food ingredients industry 2017
The sensory evaluation and comparison with market standards as well as the evaluation of the market potential and the creation and application support was carried out for large scale flavor and fragrance ingredients.
Market studies and positioning of flavour & fragrance ingredients 2017
Tailor-made evaluation of specialised production equipment for the drying of fruit and vegetable products thereby supporting the integration of a mid size company into a global company.
Asset evaluation of food production equipment 2017
Supporting a Nordic company in the sales of various berries in bio quality for the use in high quality food and beverage products.
Sales of natural food ingredients 2017
Profiling and matching to support the business succession of a flavour company. Screening of and making contact to potential successors led to the transfer of business.
Business succession in the Middle East  2018 
Development of a new confectionary product line through the selection of cocoa powder varieties and the creation of new recipes.
New Cocoa-based compounds 2018
Technical seminar including individuation of types, formula creation, preparation of filling creams, the manufacturing process, and taste trials of high class European pralines for producers in the Far East market.
Technical seminar on confectionary / pralines 2018
Overview including caramel types, manufacturers, toxicology studies, regulatory status, and the challenge to replace current caramel colours by substitutes.
Market Overview on caramel colours and substitutes  2018
Cost saving in flavourings through the linearization of recipes and increase in efficacy of production processes.
Cost Saving in Flavourings 2018
Extension of food product line assisted by new flavoring chemicals, clean label flavourings, sugar reduction and dietary supplements for the European and Middle East market.
Extension of product lines 2018
Development of performing and cost effective flavours. Application of the flavours for bakery products, coatings for ice cream, cereal bars and sports nutrition for the EU and Middle East market.
Creation of winning flavours 2018
Coaching of individuals at different levels to help and support employees with their personal development in regards to career re-orientation, career progression, career succession, etc.
Personal development through business coaching   2018 
Operational & strategic HR support as divisional HR Business Partner (vacancy bridge) of a dairy company during the reengineering and realignment of the human resources organisation based on the HR Business Partner Model.
HR Business Partner - interim mandate 2018
Draft, alignment and fine-tuning of several works agreement on behalf of a metal company according to its business requirements and and in alignment with the applicable collective labor agreement
HR consultancy to manage works agreements 2018
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